Shondaland - Winner of Directing  Mentorship

Lynn Shelton Grant

Nominated as a Filmmaker to Watch!

Interview Voyage LA

2 Black Boys Film 

Harpers Bazaar

2 Black Boys Interview


‘2 Black Boys’ movie examines black-queer romantic life

The New York Times

Shabbat at a Wendy's in Palm Desert

The Today show

Cheddar - live streaming news network / from the floor of the NY Stock Exchange (video clip)

Interview with Wendy's Shabbat Director, Rachel Myers

by Brooks Barnes & Charles McDermid

Jewish Journal

Article titled: 'Wendy's Shabbat' film honors Seniors' ritual by: Kylie Ora Lobell

Jewish Federation of the Desert

Article titled: Wendy's Shabbat by Miriam H. Bent, Page 19

Article titled: Wendy’s Shabbat: Beauty Traced with Sadness

The Forward

When Shabbat Dinner Means Bacon Cheeseburgers At Wendy's

by Shira Feder

The Times of Israel

Article titled: Jewish seniors fight isolation with a fast food community in ‘Wendy’s Shabbat’ by Renee Ghert-Zand

Broadway World

‘Kim Possible’ Boss on Live-Action Movie as ‘Wonder Woman’ for the ‘Prepubescent Set’

Perspective Magazine
Kim Possible

Jewish Seniors Observe Sabbath With Blessings Over Burgers in WENDY'S SHABBAT, NY Premiere 4/21 at Tribeca Film Festival


Article titled: Watching These Elderly Jews Have Shabbat Dinner At Wendy’s Will Make Your Week

Tablet Magazine

Article titled: For Some Elderly Jews in California, Wendy’s is the Place to Be on Shabbat . by Jesse Bernstein

VICE - Munchies

These Jewish Grandparents Throw Down at Wendy's Every Friday

Newsday (video clip)

Interview with director Rachel Myers

The Daily Meal

Elderly Jewish Friends Eat Shabbat Dinner at Wendy's

Unseen Films

Wendy's Shabbat (2018) Tribeca 2018

M - Women in Hollywood

Tribeca 2018 Preview: Women-Directed Films About Cyber Bullying, Police Brutality, Barbie, and More


In Wendy's Shabbat a group of octogenarians celebrate ritual over french fries and Frostys.